Hello, my name is Sylvain Tissier and I am a

Full Stack Web(3) Consultant

Creating & Enhancing modern and responsive Web(3) Applications

This is what I do

Do you need a brand new web(3) application? Help to enhance an existing one? You don't want really understand blockchain technology and don't want to get scammed by snake-oil blockchain consultant using all this hype to sell you bullshit?
I'm the guy you need!

Front End

Angular1, Angular2, JQuery, Bootstrap, Less

Back End

NodeJS, Express, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


We build scalable smart contracts based on industry best practices

(Un)Blockchain Consulting

Separating the hype from the truth

My works

Some examples of the work I do

Proof Of Concept

Proof of concept: Bridge Ethereum - Hyperledger



The 1st solution universal dedicated to CLOSING of Sales



An open source CrowdFunding platform using Bitcoin as currency.


Blog Posts

Ethereum Book by Andreas Antonopoulos:
Privacy enhancing patterns, Upgradability patterns, Gas refunds


I'm available for freelance projects.

What my clients say

There is no better way to know the quality of my work than reading what my clients have to says about it
Brian Lee

He is really nice. He knows what we want, gave us useful suggestions. Good communication, and it looks great! thanks for the work.

Brian Lee
Jean Marc Reynaud

Une implication et une organisation projet bien structurée et conforme aux engagements, prise en main de la réflexion globale pour trouver des idées et des solutions adaptées.
Prestation d'une grande qualité d'ensemble et respect des engagements.

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